Forum Thread: Asking Non-Players for Chocs to finishTree? BOGUS!!!

This is so damn frustrating..same thing as the Gingerbread situation at Xmas..couldnt finish ...and didnt want to after seeing the scam. Come On Zynga..let's be reaL  Let us play the game without having to pester non-players..and DON't make us pay shoes to finish a mission either!

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Yeah I agree. If people wanted to play the game, they'd already be playing it. I heard what works is adding new people who already play.. but just aren't your neighbor yet. I'm trying that next time. This time I just asked 2 friends to click the link then block the game so they don't get pestered with it and they did.

I'm having the same issues on the new dr building.. We have to ask at least 20 people for parts.. If they were going to play, they'd already play.

For the doctors-office we have to ask 10 non-players for rubber gloves!!!!

I think I quit, I don't like this.

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