Forum Thread: Back to school collection paddle

Does anyone else find it odd that they included a paddle when we live in an age that now frowns on school corporal punishment? I just thought it was unusual and wanted to see what other people thought

Back to school collection paddle

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2 Responses

I got a touch of it when I was in school and thats all it took..What makes people think today that kids are any different..sure sent me in the right direction and kids today get away with more than they should...I'm not for the paddle I'm for the parents correcting the child before they get out of hand..I'm for parents being parents and not just sperm doners..Wake up America ..

I would say I got a little more than just a touch of it, But my original point wasn't to debate its use. I just found it odd that in the 21st century a video game would include something like that when it would be a foriegn concept to most of the people playing. I mean I get that the game is set in the 19th century when such things were ordinary and remained that way through most of the 20th  but in a game  with a 21st century audience it just seemed to be an unusual thing to see.

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