Forum Thread: Dozen chicken eggs task

i am stuck on the chicken eggs task, it said to build 2 chicken coops to help with getting eggs but i havent seen any eggs.  Any tips?

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If you find out let me know. I've built 5 of them and only got 1 white egg :(

I've built 3 and have 6 speckled and 2 brown and been stuck for 2 weeks.

I finally finished it. Took 7 coops. Try placing them in different places .I have some eggs left what do you need?

i need 3 white eggs and 2 brown eggs. can i have some of your extra? please?? tnx. .

i can swap u  one white and one brown  for 2 speckled if u like just add me

Hey I just need 2 white eggs. does anyone have any xtra

Hi does anyone have ANY white eggs I have already built FOUR chicken coops and have NO white eggs still. I can trade you probably anything else you might need or want, but I really need white eggs, anyone please????

I need 2 of each kind. Have been stuck for a couple weeks now. Please help!

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