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Tip # 1 ... If you are just starting out on FrontierVille, or have been playing for a while, and get tempted to chop down all of your Oak, and Pine Trees ... Do Not !!! Later on in the Quests, you will need the Trees, for various reasons ... I went ahead, and chopped them all down, and now I have to wait ( which takes forever ) for them to grow back ...

I found that if you  like collecting lotsa coins, feed or tend your neighbors oxen, cow, and sheep. In that order, ox gives you the most-18 or more, cow-15 coins, and sheep  at least 9 coins. However, THEY MUST BE FULLY GROWN FOR THEM TO GIVE YOU THIS MANY COINS.

I made a facebook just for frontierville. I found it less confusing and overwhelming to just do that. Add many neighbors and visit them to refill energy.

On missions that say "buy 9 geese" you don't actually have to buy them. If someone sends you them as a gift, then once you put it  in your yard it still counts. So, DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY/COINS!

Keep goats handy.  If you don't have time to plant crops and have some open spaces, put a goat or two in the space to keep grass and trees from growing.  Keeps things clear untilyou can get around to filling things in.

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