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I can't see the fox, it is hidden behind a grove of trees.  All the trees are red and costing double energy.  any ideas for moving/hiding trees so I can get to the fox?

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Well, you can't move trees older than 2 chops, so you probably will need to cut them down and waste the energy. You can also try zooming in really close and hovering the mouse over the area very carefully. You might be able to hit him through one tiny gap! 

If you still need future help i had the same problem i just hired some neighbors to cut the tree till it went away ;)

same here  i hired neighbor until i was able to get the bear that was hiding

Unfortunately, you might have to utilize a lot of Energy, in order to locate the Fox, and then remember, they do move around, after hitting them, so you might have to chop a few trees, to get rid of him ...

Refresh the page and quickly scroll your mouse to get an out view (to see the whole screen at once). Usually the things you can clobber appear first. As long as you click him once before everything else loads, you'll get him and he'll be forced into view for easier clobbering.

If that doesn't work after a few times you'll have to waste the energy

They actually fixed this so that you can smack a varmint through trees and buildings without chopping, wave your mouse around the red area until you see the glove!

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