Forum Thread: I keep losing my child and husband

I am at level 23 and my farm is getting fairly full. I keep losing my husband and child, mostly under the trees when I use them to do work. Does anyone have any tips on how to keep this to stop happening? A good way to arrange the farm maybe? Where is it best to have the pine and oak trees? How about fruit trees? What is the best way to arrange buildings?

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Buy a dinner bell at the market.  Click to ring and the whole family comes to the dinner bell.  Visiting neighbors also show up, also.  Seems to me arranging the farm is a matter of individual preferences.  Just allow room for the crops to expand.  1500 peanuts coming up.

They are probably in the woods.  Each time you start up the page they return to their "home" spot.  Go to My Stuff and Family Album.  Edit the avatar and select Play.  Then click on a spot on your page and they will come a running.  The easiest way to find them is to buy the dinner bell......even visitors answer to it.

You can buy the dinner triangle for coins and a few wood and whenever you click it, they will all walk to it. I make sure that if I'm using on of my family members, I remember to click on a chicken or crop as their last thing before I log out. They will be standing there when I return. The family album, customize, play trick works well too but is more clicks in the long run :)

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