Forum Thread: stuck in the sunflower task

I  m stuck in the sunflower task... i m suppose to tend 5 neighbor sunflowers which i hv..about 7-8 times but it does not count!!! so that task never gets over and hs been 2 weeks nw...can anyone help me hw to finish it :-/

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I was having that problem too. I finally removed the game application, rebooted my computer then put the game back and everything started working normally. You do not lose any of your game progress.

I've been stuck on the sunflower task also for several weeks now...  removing the application, rebooted my computer, adding the game back on did not work for me.  I did this process twice and tended to 5 neighbor with sunflower after each and my progress never showed.  :( 

Any solution to this yet?  I'm having the same issue.

Just a question but just want to make sure.. Are you tending (harvesting neighbors crops) full grown sunflowers? Watering will not count for the goal you must tend them.

Yeah, I finally completed the task a few days ago.  You need to "Harvest" the sunflower and not just "tend" to them by watering only.  I finally figured it out and forgot to post an update.  I was stuck on this task for so long, I was glad that it was over.  

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