Forum Thread: Water Tower

I see my neighbours have the water tower , but i dont have it ???

How do we get it ???? can someone let me know please

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It will appear as one of your goals. However, a player needs to have less than three active goals for this one to appear.  So you need to finish any old ones before this one appears.

I havent had a goals for ages, I think I have done all the goals

even finishing the peanut one

seems strange :)

wonder how i can get it

It appears as a water drip on the goals bar(by the way it does nothing for you :). In my sons game he is able to buy un-wither crops ,wither protection and lots of other cool things that I do not have on mine. Kinda of odd. I am level 43 he is level 13

seems weird as i am level 44 .... and thanks , i was just hoping that down the track that we wont need it for a mission, im getting bored with no missions and goals to achieve :)

Bring on more goals and missions I think .. hehe

i am on the ater tower mission now and i need 1000 wood i am still 950 away  :(

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