Forum Thread: why am i getting so many thorns and not trees

at one time i was getting a lot of trees but ever since the new mission to expand my frontier i get a lot of thorns and barely any trees im lucky to get one or two a day is anyone else having this problem because its taking me forever to get to 200

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I have the same problem...lots of thorns and grass.  

I'm having the same issue. Tons and TONS of thorns now that I don't need any. And NO wildflowers. Sooo annyoing. I really need wildflowers and can't get any now. Just a bunch of thorns. At least with the trees you can just buy them. Can't buy wildflowers :(

I haven't seen this before.  I think there's been a recent revision of the game and it might get fixed when Zynga figures out the something's wrong.  You might email them through their support link at the bottom of their page.  I've noticed that some on my neighbors have been showing up bald, so there must be some serious bugs in recent game programming.

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