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News: Taking the world by storm!

Wow, it's been almost 2 weeks and FrontierVille has almost as many daily active users as Treasure Isle! I'm not surprised as that game kind of faded away, but I bet it will be a while before it catches up with FarmVille.

News: Collections that give you Energy and XP

There are a bunch of collections that give you more consumable energy in the same way as food does or the little lightning energy boosts you collect while harvesting things around the homestead. There are also some collections that raise the max upper limit of energy you can store in your energy bar.

News: Email

When I tried to send a free gift back to my friend, I got this popup I clicked skip the first time, and it came up twice more. So I logged in, it imported my contacts...

News: Making the most of the bonuses!

You may notice the bonus bar in the upper righthand corner of your screen. This bonus is meant to give you coins on top of what you're already getting from the game. You DO NOT need to click on the stars and coins, etc that pop up unless you want to get this extra bonus. They will be added to your loot automatically once they fade.

News: Family

Once you get married and have a spouse and babies, you can get them to do chores with you. Click on your family member so the little star is over their head, then click on the chores you need done. You can do chores at the same time by clicking on yourself and selecting other chores.

News: Forecast

Whats the weather like? It's raining gold!!! You'll get your popup around 5pm PST and can view it again if you click the little button for Today's Weather in the lower left corner of your game.

How To: A Beginners Guide

I've created this guide to give you some ideas for how to progress quickly as well as some basics for how to operate FrontierVille. My tips are merely suggestions based on my experience and you are welcome to explore and play the game at your own pace. I hope you benefit from my posts and look forward to answering questions and bringing you more useful information here and on the Facebook page in the future! (All these blue links take you to more content just like this page, click them for mo...

News: This game is awesome!

FrontierVille reminds me of FarmVille's land design, Treasure Isle's collectibles, Mafia Wars energy consumption all wrapped up with an Oregon Trail theme. I like very much that when I need energy, it's actually available to find or earn and that there's really very little to wait for. The 5 and 15 minute crops keep you coming back to harvest. The bonus meter keeps you clicking on things as quickly as you can. There's a bit of strategy involved with your space plan and game play. You can real...

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