How To: FrontierVille Secrets Guide

FrontierVille Secrets Guide

I know you've been wondering where I went with all my posts. The answer is:! And from there, I wrote an ebook (4 actually) with all the best tips and tricks to leveling up, completing missions, and having the best homestead around!

Nows your chance to shine! Buy the ebook while it's still on sale for the best deal! Read more about it and jump in! I promise you its worth your time and money :) 

FrontierVille Secrets Guide

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FrontierVille Secrets Guide

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go to fan page on facebook hun and add people therex

is there a fastEr way to claim gifts for this game ?

I am a big fan of Frontierville. all the zynga games on facebook. Please send me some more secrets about this game.

Pets Ebooks

Please add me as neighbor, I need to finish some buildings and missions, please add me

Why did my building get stuck and won't let me move it. Did that once and building is gone. Now another?

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