News: Need help

everytime i ask for help, if i need it from friends, my page get stuck (freezes) i can no longer ask friends for help or even when i have to individuals the page freezes, i am stuck waiting for other to ask me for help in order to collect certain items for missions, :-( how do i get past this, the other problem is at one time i could to to my games requests to accept every thing then at the bottom of it all i could see requests from my neighbours for specific games i can;t do that i=either, h...

News: No Point In Playing To Level 100!?

Thanks for contacting Zynga Customer Support. I found there are other accounts reporting they don't receive Dinners back when sent. The Game Developers have decided how the Game works and Dinners can only be sent from Players(neighbors) above level 100 back and fort. The Development Team will get you feedback from me, Thanks for reporting this issue.

News: Unmasked caller ID

Do you'll know a program software to detect unmask caller's for cellphones for abroad network's carriers, as i often travel abroad to Hong Kong ,Japan and Malaysia and i went switch to those networks via changing the States sim card to the local domestic sim card i often received unmasked/private number's callers calling myself but i have not way of finding out who is it?

News: Automated Bonuses And Gifts Are Finally Here!

Eureka! I ve seen the future, and it is Friendly Game SimplifierFriendly Gaming Simplifier is an add-on to the Foxfire or Chrome browsers. You can download a version for either one here: You don’t have to play FrontierVille through Firefox or Chrome to use it; it shows up as a tab on your Facebook wall.It will also accept the sort of gifts that usually go straight to your FrontierVille Utilities. You’ll still have to accept Game Requests, but Botoholic’s Gift Bo...

News: Of Coyotes and Chickens

In my earlier post about long-term strategies I promised I’d ask some of my neighbors who do what I call factory chicken farming (Let 1000 Chickens Bloom) if the coyotes that have shown up will change the way they play the game. The one guy who replied in any detail said that he wasn’t sure what he was going to do yet, but he thought that he was losing 50 chickens each time he harvested them pressing “Collect Bonus” using a coop.

News: Long-Term Strategies

Long-Term Strategies for FrontierVilleWhen you first start to play FrontierVille, after you’ve cleared a bunch of trees and brush and started to build a schoolhouse or a barn and you’ve added a few neighbors, you look up at the people around Level 90 or Level 100, and wonder how they play the game and how they got that far.There’s a book (or a series of four books) you may notice – FrontierVille Tycoon Guide – that promises to tell you the secrets of the high level players. You can buy it on ...

News: Come on Zynga please reply to my emails

I have had my upgraded storage shed missing for two weeks now. I have emailed many times. You still will not reply to me, what is with this. Maybe if you looked after the people that play you wouldn't need to come up with a silly detective game to get some players back that have had a bad deal from you. This is not very professional . All I want is my shed and all its contents back that I earned by fair means I don't think that is to much to ask

News: You Have to Ask, "What Were They Thinking?"

There really are depths of dumbth up with which I will not put, so I won’t be spending nine coins to build a Detective Agency in FrontierVille.Historically, the Pinkerton National Detective Agency was started 1850 but came into its own working for Abraham Lincoln during the Civil War (1861 to 1865, for foreigners and the home-schooled) catching Confederate spies and running their own networks in the South. The US didn’t have a national police force until the Bureau Of Investigation started up...

News: So, Now What?

Fads, Fiascos and Good Stuff in FrontierVille This WeekThis is the first of what should, with luck, be a series of weekly columns.Fads firstIt’s St. Patrick’s Day in FrontierVille and it looks like staying that way for the foreseeable future, which will probably be about ten days. If you’ve ever lived in England you know about jackdaws, but I’ll explain for the rest of you. They’re small black birds who are notoriously fascinated by shiny things, and they love to peck the foil caps off milk b...

News: It's All About Me

It’s unfortunate that I’m taking over as Administrator of FrontierVille World at a time when I haven’t been able to play FrontierVille for several days because it’s running too slowly to bother with, but it figures. Zynga may advertise FrontierVille as a beta-level game, but that’s a slur on gamma-level games, if there are any. Like every software company from Microsoft to Autodesk, Zynga will create ten exciting new problems before it fixes one old one.So, I’m taking over from Katie, who fir...

News: Groundhog 102

30 January 2011 Zynga’s new Groundhog Mission in FrontierVille allows two groundhogs to show up on your homestead at once. They’re very hard to kill; it takes at least 20 clicks to clobber each one.

News: Groundhog 101

Beginners don't realize that they don't need to clobber every groundhog that shows up. The best strategy is to isolate the first one someplace out of the way and just leave him there indefinitely. Only one can be on your property at a time.

How To: FrontierVille Secrets Guide

I know you've been wondering where I went with all my posts. The answer is:! And from there, I wrote an ebook (4 actually) with all the best tips and tricks to leveling up, completing missions, and having the best homestead around!

News: Trouble Unlocking Goals?

Many people are working on Master Farmer and Found a Town right now. These goals take a week or more depending on how actively you go about doing them. They also BLOCK the schoolmarm challenges from coming up. If you have a third goal like collect a dozen eggs, or teach hunting, you might find success in getting the new goals once you finish that.

News: Ribbons

This post copied from Please bookmark frontierville post for faster updates and make sure you like the facebook page!

News: Happy 4th of July!

Original post by FrontierVillePost Click through to see pictures! Today we got an update for the 4th of July celebration of America’s Independence Day. Because this game is based in America around the Western Expansion movement, our pioneers deserve a chance to rest from their chores and celebrate!

News: XP Tip

Check this post out to find out how you can make tons of level progress with very little effort. This is not a cheat, it's a strategy using a new limited item. Make sure you take advantage of it while it's still being offered!

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