News: Canning Mission Warning!

Canning Mission Warning!

Beware the Canning Mission!

The Zynga Community Forum is full of complaints about the new Canning Mission.  Here is an outline:

Mmm Tomato Gravy! Canning Master Part I
- Harvest 50 Tomatoes
- Collect 5 butter
- Have 5,000 food (This will be consumed)

Hot and Saucy: Canning Master Part II
- Harvest 150 apples
- Craft 15 fire
- Have 15,000 food (This will be consumed)

Check soup for the Pioneer Soul: Canning Master Part III
- Tend 300 chickens
- Collect 30 Canning Jars
- Have 50,000 food (This will be consumed)

Winning the Blue Ribbon: Canning Master Part IV
- Harvest 500 Peppermint
- Collect 100 cloth
- Have 100,000 food (This will be consumed)

The problem is that it will cost you 170,000 Food to complete – for a payoff of seven (7) horseshoes.  Once you start it you can't back out.  If you have the 5 butter on hand when you start Part I you'll lose them.  If you have 5,000 food while Part I is open you will loose it.  The same holds true of the rest of the parts.  If you complete Part I Part II will open, and if you happen to have 15,000 food or 15 fire on hand you will loose them.  There's no way to cancel the mission, so you can see why people are so angry.

A neighbor of mine, who's at a level well over 100, wrote:

"This is crazy - the level 3 canning mission requires 50,000 food. Now that we can't chicken farm effectively to earn food now Zynga wants us to use up our reserve for ONE mission. If I do this I will be paralyzed and unable to do much of anything. Time to focus on my CityVille I guess."

You may want to read my post "Of Coyotes and Chickens", about how coyotes eating peoples' chickens would put an end to large-scale chicken ranching.

So far Zynga is stonewalling, while begging angry players not to use a discussion thread to "vent."  We'll see if they stick to their guns, but the impression I get from them is that they don't much care what  people who play FrontierVille think.  They're in it for the money.

Update @ 1602 Hours MDT

Copied from the Zynga Forum:

Please note: I am removing all discussion on contacting customer service with regarding to completing this mission. I ask that no one post anything else about this (here or elsewhere) - if so, you will receive a warning. This is not up for discussion, if you have any questions PM me - do not reply here. Thanks!
-Mizz Faith

It looks as though they're cracking ... or retreating to the bunker.  We'll see.

John Hill

Wednesday 06 April 2011

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oh god i hate this mission so much , i think i'll quit playing froentierville , i haven't finished part 3 of this mission , and i think i'm going to die until i'll finish this mission , this is so not right :(( i'm so pissed of

Here is a great tip for all the frustrated players out there.

To get this done easier, watch your food amounts. Stop getting food BEFORE you go over the goal amount you are trying to achieve. Then go into the mission. There should be an option to **BUY** with horseshoes that part of the quest. The closer you are to your food goal, the cheaper that **BUY** option will become.

I did the 15K food part, and stopped with 14K something in food. It cost me one whole horseshoe, but it checked that part of the quest off, AND I KEPT MY FOOD!!!

So I can only assume this works the same always. I am not near the 50K food yet, but when I get near, I will STOP, check, and use a horseshoe or two.

(for horseshoe poor people, horseshoes are a reward for some collection, so check them out!)

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