News: Collections Overview

Collections Overview

A handy chart I put together so you can see all the collections at one time and decide what to focus on for whatever you may need!

Some have boosts as a reward, others give you energy, still others give you items. Check them out!

Collections Overview


Chicken Coop added 6/17/2010

Collection changes 6/25
Mule collection - Before 10 energy, Three hay bales -> Now Fruit Ready Boost
Chicken collection - Before 3 Energy -> Now 4 Energy
Pear collection - Before 7 Energy -> Now 50 xp and Crate
Clearing collection - Before 30 wood and shovel -> Now 35 wood and shovel
School collection - Before 1 HS -> Now 3500 gold
Cow collection - Before Unwither Crop Boost and bucket -> Now 25 food and Bucket
Goat collection - Before 10xp and Cherry tree -> Now 25 xp and Cherry tree
Chicken collection - Before Fruit Ready Boost and 25 food -> Now Peach tree and 25 xp
Corn collection - Before wither protection boost -> Now Goat 25 xp
Peanut collection - Before +1 max energy -> Now Unwither Crops boost
Peas collection - Before 20xp and Goat -> Now Wither Protection Boost
Potato collection - Before 6 energy and Crate -> Now 60 food and Crate
Tomato collection - Before 300 gold -> Now 500 gold
Wheat collection - Before Animal ready boost and Pitchfork -> Now Haystack and Pitchfork
Pumpkin collection - Before 5 Energy -> Now Free Goose and 25 xp
Flax collection - Before Unwither Crop boost and 3 Clothes -> Now 4 Ribbons and 2 Clothes
Peach collection - Before Fruit Harvest Boost -> Now 7 Energy and Barrel
Apple collection - Before Wither Protection Boost -> Now 25xp and Pig
Family collection - Before +2 max energy and Washboard -> Now + 5 Reputation and Washboard
Wildflower collection - Before 100 xp and Bouquet -> Now 50xp and Bouquet
Pine tree collection - Before 3 Planks and 250 gold -> Now Pine tree Sappling and 3 Planks
Oak tree collection - Before 3 Fires and 250 gold -> Now Oak tree sappling and 3 Fires
Chicken coop collection - Before 50 food and 2 Chickens -> Now 50 food and Downy Feathers
Inn collection - Before 2000 coins and Batter -> Now 1 HS
Ox collection - Before +1 Max Energy -> Now Cow and 25 xp
Clover collection - Before 10 food and Sheep -> Now 25 food and Sheep
General Store collection - Before 2 tools and present -> Now 2 Tools and 50 wood
Cherry collection - Before 4 Energy -> Now 3 Energy
Wagon collection - Before Plank and Fire -> Now 2 Planks and 2 Fires
Crafting collection - Before 3 tools -> Now 3 Tools and 50 wood
Brand New Collections
Sawmill Collection - +1 Max Energy
Goose Collection - Downy feather and 35 food
Sunflower Collection - 8 Energy
Apricot Collection - 5000 Gold
Fox Collection - Goose and 25 xp

Collections Overview

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This is probably a very elementary question, but possibly there is somebody that doesn't know either. Just how do I use "Energy Bar" and "Unwither Crop Boost?"

When you trade in a collection for one that has a "+1 energy bar" it automatically updates your blue energy bar with space for 1 more energy than you could keep before. The unwither crop boost (and the animal and fruit ready boosts) are in your inventory, when you click them they make crops unwithered, and animals/ fruit trees ready respectively. Hope that helps!

can you tell me where to find "prairie piles"??

From the mules or horses..

what is the postcard collection and where does it come from.... also, where do you get the craft collections from

postcard is from mystery gifts. go to and click on gifts tab to send the blue one.

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