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Expert tips

Once you get the hang of the game, you want to start strategizing. Here are some things I've decided to do that I think will help you out.

Buy plenty of crops and animals so you can go on a 'bonus blitz' while collecting them. With any luck your neighbors will come tend them for you and you can collect all the bonuses without using your energy.

Expert tips

I like the animals because they guaranty profit without having to plant more crops all the time. They sometimes give you energy bonus too!

Putting out lots of crops and trees for your neighbors to tend makes them happy when they visit, and they're more likely to come back!

Put everything really close together so you won't waste time walking across the homestead to them and possibly lose your bonus boost.

When you get a chance to ask for your daily gift, ask for building materials! Everything else is really easy to get on your own. 

More to come!! Check back soon....

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