News: This game is awesome!

This game is awesome!

FrontierVille reminds me of FarmVille's land design, Treasure Isle's collectibles, Mafia Wars energy consumption all wrapped up with an Oregon Trail theme. I like very much that when I need energy, it's actually available to find or earn and that there's really very little to wait for. The 5 and 15 minute crops keep you coming back to harvest. The bonus meter keeps you clicking on things as quickly as you can. There's a bit of strategy involved with your space plan and game play. You can really do pretty much any of the tasks for a while, then switch to another and gain experience equally as fast. The only problem is that you need a lot of help from your neighbors in this game! You need them to link up with your homestead so you can visit them to get bonuses and energy, and you need them to send you valuable building supplies. The upside to having all these people needing each other so much, is lots of friendly and helpful interaction with the added benefit of having people do tasks for you when you're out of energy!

Day 1 was pretty traumatic with all of the disconnecting errors and everyone trying to get a hang of things, but I'm optimistic for tomorrow and looking forward to bringing you all the news and tips for this great game!

Feel free to comment. How do you feel about the new game?

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