News: Gifting links

Gifting links

Gifting links for FrontierVille

Please visit for gifting links!

You will find links for building and school supplies, mystery boxes, ribbons and more!

Get stuff sent to you!

First you need to find your Facebook ID number and copy it down somewhere, or memorize it if you can, then paste it into the link replacing the ###### symbols.  

Gifting linksYou can find your ID number in the address bar when you click on your profile picture. If you have chosen a username, you will need to click on your profile picture again which takes you to your photo album and the id= is at the top with your number.

You can then copy the above link, add your ID number in place of the ### and post it with a note that tells your friends what you're asking for. You can still only get one gift/ day from friends. You can post your link on your wall to ask for help from FRIENDS ONLY and they will be able to send a gift directly to you without picking through a long list of names!

Building Materials

Gifting links

Please bookmark for all future updates and tips! You can also like the page on facebook! 

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Hi there just wanna know why. How come I can send hand drill and hammer and nothing else how come?

Everyone gets to gift 2 of the 5 items. It is randomly selected. I suspect it is limited to force us to add new neighbors and give Zynga more customers.

does anyone want to trade- need white egg??

where do u past the link?

no, paste it on your facebook feed so your friends see it. we wont be able to help you with it here. you can add more friends in the forum then ask them for help from facebook

kewl. ty! :)))

can you add expansion stuff to the gift section please

Please add shed building supplies to gifts to receive and send.Thanks your site is wonderful to use !!!!!!!!!!!!

I want to but they arent on the free gifts page, so links cant be made for them :(

there used to be a link to a fourm on facebook here, so why is it gone?

I haven't removed anything like that, not sure what you're talking about.

how do I get salt peter on frountierville? I need some for fireworks and founder items

turn in manure collection

Can you add a link for breakfast, lunch and dinner...PLEASE...

hi. i need tools. i dont know hot add it to my wish list or where i can find.. can u help? thnnx.

Thanks for posting this blog. Am searching for how to send gifts to India. I got this website what about you its service. Visit:

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