Goal: Bed and forest

Bed and forest

Goal: Bed and forest

Goal: Bed and forest

Goal: Bed and forest

Goal: Bed and forest

 Get Equipped

  • Have (to USE) Six Wool Gloves
  • Have (to USE) Four Ropes
  • Have (to USE) Three Coffee Cups

Get your work gear together an' get ready to build yerself a sawmill!Hint: Wool Gloves come from sheep, Ropes come from flax, and coffee cups come from the Inn.

Build a Sawmill

  • Buy a Sawmill at the Market
  • Finish the Sawmill

Description: To keep up a steady supply o' wood, a sawmill is a must. The more trees you got the more wood it makes, an' you don't have ta cut 'em down!Hint: Start collectin' those buidin' materials now!

Goal: Bed and forest

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How do you get downy feathers?

Downy feathers can be traded for from the chicken coop collection and the goose collection.

Do you need to build the chicken coop or the sawmill first?

The goal for coop will come first, but you can build either one whenever you please, you will not have to build another just for the goal.

Thank you! Now stuck on "Cure The Pigs." The wildflowers are not being counted if I collect them on a neighbors frontier. I don't have any on my farm =0(

Clear a space for them and get the animals away from it, then leave for several hours so they can grow.

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