News: Making the most of the bonuses!

Making the most of the bonuses!

You may notice the bonus bar in the upper righthand corner of your screen. This bonus is meant to give you coins on top of what you're already getting from the game. You DO NOT need to click on the stars and coins, etc that pop up unless you want to get this extra bonus. They will be added to your loot automatically once they fade.

Making the most of the bonuses!

Stars, coins, energy, and collection items all count for the bonus. 


As you hit each level you will get a larger and larger coin bonus.

Bonus, 32 coins
Excellent, 64 coins
Amazing, 96 coins
Outstanding, 128 coins
Holy smokes, 160 coins
Extreme, 192 coins
Omgeezers, 224 coins
Unstoppable, 256 coins

32 + 64 + 96 + 128 + 160 + 192 + 224 + 256 = 1,152 coins

You will need to click on around 148 individual bonuses to get through the Insane level, or less if you are collecting larger bonuses like big stacks of coins and food from longer crops and grown animals.

That flashing bonus bar can be really nerve wracking as your bonuses are starting to fade. It's hard to keep up! Here are a couple tips to help you out:


If you're digging up grass, flowers or chopping trees- collect the bonuses slowly. Take one of them, click the next item to work on, when the bonus bar flashes, click another.

If you have to fight a snake, bear or groundhog while collecting things, collect slow so you have enough time to fight the varmint without timing out. 


If you're harvesting crops, trees, or animals- collect the bonuses quickly! They're going to fade away before you can get them all if you click frantically because you can harvest faster than you can collect. 

Share the Popups... later

When you get the screen to share after fighting a varmint, hiring a friend or visiting your neighbor, leave it up! You can keep playing beneath the post, nothing will fade away, and your bonus bar won't flash and end! You can drag your farm around to access parts under the popup. 

Making the most of the bonuses!

Here's a video of me doing this so you can see what I mean 

Use Neighbors

They're all over your farm when you first log on, you can use them to your advantage! Hover over each of them and see who is going to help with which tasks. Plan your run, situate your family members near your trees, crops, and animals that neighbors aren't helping with. Then get started! If your energy bar is full, maybe collect a few things on your own to get started, then use your neighbors one at a time as they may come across energy bonuses that you can use when they're done! 

Making the most of the bonuses!

Open something!

If you open the market or go inside one of your buildings, the bonus bar's time out resets and it stops flashing. This can give you a moment while your avatar walks across the homestead, to eat some more food for energy, or to stop and scratch your nose :)

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Outsmart those pesky varmits!!!! When your animals/crops are in the Red Zone because of a Fox, Groundhog, Snake, Bear or Coyote you can use your "move" tool to move them out of the Red Zone so you can harvest them w/o using an extra Energy! Discovered that on my own. :)

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