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Just so you know... 

  • You'll need 4 ribbons to get married, so collect those around the time you build your general store.

Send a Ribbon

After you get married, your husband will need to chop down 3 trees. And later there is a clear 4 stumps task.

  • You'll need to clean up 5 thorns and a cactus with your baby, so leave those alone until you get one!
    Hint: To find more thorns, look behind trees. To see through trees, click on them and they will turn transparent. 
    MissionsThen click the X button to cancel the chopping unless you find that thorn!
    MissionsTo get more time to look move your avatar to the other corner of your homestead. Zoom in so you can see better. 
  • When you finish your inn you'll get a mission to buy 6 sheep and sell 6 adults. SO buy 6 NOW and hopefully they'll be big enough to sell by the time you get there and you'll get past that fast!


The sell tool is the delete tool. See here

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I need to know what is the cleaning mission

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