News: How-to post a wishlist

How-to post a wishlist

You need lots of items to help you on your homestead! Why not let your neighbors know what you're looking for by posting a wishlist?

Click on the 'My Stuff' icon in the bottom right hand corner of your game:

How-to post a wishlist

How-to post a wishlist

Click on 'Inventory' drawer to see what you have:

How-to post a wishlist

You can click on the note paper with the green plus to add an item to your wishlist. Once your list is full you will get a popup with an option to share, or you can just click the share button at any time.

You can also add collectible items to your wishlist. 

How-to post a wishlist

How-to post a wishlist

If you don't already have one of the building material you need, you cannot ask for it. What I do is write in the message what I need. Then when you get it, you can add it to your wishlist before you use it up and ensure you can get more later.

You can send people items not on your gift page if they request them (allowed once per day).

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How do you put something on your wishlist if you don't have any at all in your inventory?

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