News: Tip for helping neighbors

Tip for helping neighbors

Here's a little tip from FrontierVille Post for those of you who want to help your neighbors out with the new goals.

Plant 5-10 of every type of crop so when they come visit there is always something for them that they need!

A bit more advanced:

What I've done is planted the fast crops that can be harder to find in red varmint areas. I intend to let them wither and just leave them there until I accept help from a neighbor, then plant some more if need be.

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Tip for helping neighbors

Crops for neighbors

A great idea for long term crops for varmint keepers:

I've also planted some long term crops in these areas as I wont have to deal with them for several days, then I can just move the crops or clobber the varmint to get them later.

If worse comes to worse and you can't find the crops you need, try Jack's homestead! He always has some ready and if you leave his place and come back, you can tend the same crop over and over. Just remember you only get 5 per day.

This works for plants and animals too, as neighbors will need to tend those for other goals.

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