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Forum Thread: Request not showing on friends wall !!!

My requests are not showing on my friends wall so its almost impossible to complete my missions!!  The only way I can collect items is by gifting others! This has been going on for about 3 weeks now.  I've tried blocking and re-allowing both Frontierville and Pioneer Trail but it hasn't made any difference.  Can somebody help me please???

Forum Thread: Shrunken working data

Hello Good Friends. Or hope you will be. When I load my working page it is now only about 4 inches high but normal width. There is no loss of screen data but it is mainly white above and below the working area. Selecting Full page works fine and the screen becomes full and works fine. However, when a list of options comes up the 4 inch view comes back with top and bottom of the list missing, so unable to confirm my selection and have to reload to release the frozen page

Forum Thread: Frontierville Letter Help

Hey im having a little problem, to cut long story short i got a letter from the Hank guy on frontierville. It's saying 'Don't ya want yer letter? Click the yella arrow!' (to read it) THERE IS NO YELLOW ARROW?!?! I went on a site looking for answers and someone had the same issue as me but the answer just said ignore the yellow arrow and look for the picture of the letter. On my homestead there is also no picture of it.. ): PEASE HELP!!

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