Forum Thread: Frontierville neighbours wanted...add me

I need neighbours urgently....please help.

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66 Responses

i would like to be your neighbour

Yes I could do with a new neighbour.

 I really need some neighbors  Please be one with me on frontierville

needneighbours play all day and gift daily

I need some more neighbors please. I can't believe I'm 2 short from unlocking some more stuff...

i need lots of neighbours please add me

i will be our neighbour in frontierville

you can add me as your neighbour

i will be your neighbour on frontierville   :)

come on over and i will have you as a neighbour  :)

i need neighbours please help

looking for some neighbours please!

I would love to have you as a neighbor, I will send you a request.  Thanks, Melissa

add me please neighbors help

add me please neighbors help

please add me wll reply to all requests

you can add me as a neighbour

frontierville player

Add me plz,

Add me please.

please add me as a neighbor. i play often and i gift often.

Looking for new neighbours, please add me. Play often.

looking for new neighbours play every day

i want to be your neighbour in frontierville

Please add me as a friend then I will send you a Frontierville neighbor request.

i would be happy to be neighbours to you all just send a request and i will add you


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i would love to be your neighbour  :)

i will be you neighbour   :)

I'll be your neighbour

i need neighbours please help

i need more neighbors please and thank you

could u add me everyone but could who ever adds me send me stuff that i put on the wall so that i can earn more things and obviously i will send u stuff back

Add me as neighbor :)

i only just found this game and will be playing it every day so please feel free to add me ass a neighbour or facebook friend     Add me please, am daily player for frontierville!

Please add me.  Daily Frontierville player, please add me!  add me as frontierville neighbor...daily player, thanks!

Add me as a Frontierville Neighbor....will play & send gift requests asap!

Add me as Frontierville Neighbor if u wish...will play often as i can....thanks!

add me for a gift sharing neighbor I'm level 90

add me please play everyday x

Add me thanks. Mention frontierville also.

Add me for Frontierville...will play as often as possible, thanks

Add me to Frontierville .. play often as possible thanks!

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