News: Automated Bonuses And Gifts Are Finally Here!

Automated Bonuses And Gifts Are Finally Here!

Eureka! I ve seen the future, and it is Friendly Game Simplifier

Friendly Gaming Simplifier is an add-on to the Foxfire or Chrome browsers.  You can download a version for either one here:  You don't have to play FrontierVille through Firefox or Chrome to use it; it shows up as a tab on your Facebook wall.

It will also accept the sort of gifts that usually go straight to your FrontierVille Utilities.  You'll still have to accept Game Requests, but Botoholic's Gift Box+ works great for that, and it's free!  Download it here:

AND, FGS makes sending free gifts to your neighbors quick and easy.   It loads a list of your neighbors and you select a gift category from a chart, check a box on the right side of the list and hit 'Send Gifts."  Rinse and repeat until you've sent gifts to everybody.  It keeps a chart of past bonuses and gifts sent and received, and it even records failed tries at sending and receiving.

You're limited to sending 50 bonus requests a day and receiving 30.  FGS races through your pending items and takes care of your quota in literally a couple minutes.

I used to use the Frontier Bonuses application for sending and receiving bonuses, but FGS is so much better that there's really no contest.

FGS is what you've been praying for.

John Hill

Monday 18 April 2011

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I like that do you know if they have it for mobsters2 and good job on your site.

i like it but i lost it where can i find it again

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