Forum Thread: Frontierville is broken again :-(

Getting timeout/lost internet connections every minute or less. can not finish headless horseman quests and losing crops.  Getting very grred about this.  Please fix this.  You are losing players and i dont want to be one of them.  please  fix this problem as soon as possibe because 3 days of this, is not good enough. 

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I have not been able to play for the last 2 days it goes to load then just as it loads last bit with the headless horseman i get interner error and it throws me out , there are many of  us like this and we are all going to stop playing if it is not sorted out soon :(

I am actually very annoyed that the message still shows they are "working on the problem"... this has been going on for days and I'm at the point now where I no longer want to carry on playing... lose out on someone who buys horseshoes fairly regularly... I've received my kid twice now... only to lose it again... as soon as I received it.... any visiting I do, anything to do with "quests" all gets nullified as soon as the "internet" error message comes up.... which is quite a lot.... when will they fix it? would also be nice to know what the problem actually is?

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