Forum Thread: How to get Robin Egg

How do I get a Roin's egg, I have chopped all my trees and harvested my fruit trees constantly for 4 days now and no egg, can anyone help

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It is strange that injured animals or eggs don't appear on my homestead. I had quite a few and after I saved them all, nothing comes up for over a week. I chopped all the trees. Also, I don't get any groundhogs. I plant loads of crops everyday to finish a mission. but over a week I haven't had one.... 

Sorry, it is a different topic but in my town in Cityville, an important mission that I was supposed to help the governor to build a city hall was not given to me. I have over 4,000 population but have no city hall. The city hall is locked and I can't find the mission for it. 

Can anyone help?   

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