Forum Thread: Stuck in 15 foxes mission

I usualy feed all my chicken and geese and before foxes came out but after this mission I fed over 80 times chicken and geese and not a single fox came out.

What could be the problem?For example I have 21 energy and I fed all the chicken and geese at the same area but not a single fox appeared.

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3 Responses

I have exactly the same problem! At first I thought there must be another fox on my property somewhere but I have moved everything and can't see one. I have been trying for days to get a single fox. Somebody please help!!

I Get Too many Foxes But How many Chickens Do You Have?They Dont Come from Geese But Get Like 15 Chickens. Thats My Help.

Thank,perhaps this day there was a problem,the day after when I fed a chicken and a geese fox appeared and I finished in one day. I had over 30 chicken and 40 geese.

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